Sunday, August 4, 2013

Four More..

Just wanted to keep up with all the send-ins! Here is another four supporters photographing and posting-as always, keep spreading the word! Thank you all so much!

much love .xx


Broke 100 followers in 2 days (Instagram). Went from 1 to over 20 followers in 1 day (Twitter). Over 100 views in 2 days, along with 2 page subscribers (Blog). That's a lot of numbers. That's a lot of increasing numbers. Not only that, but how INCREDIBLE all of these numbers are and their meaning(s). I have gotten over 22 pictures of your guys' wrists sent in. You guys are amazing. You guys are wonderful. You guys are INCREDIBLE. I don't think I can begin to put in words what this means not only to me, but to many others who will look into-and then eventually follow this movement. Every one of you are making a difference, and bettering the lives of others. I know, that sounds insane. I would of thought I was insane to think that I would break 100 followers etc, in the amount of time that it took. But, it happened. Even if it seems impossible, and it's too much to comprehend-doesn't mean that it won't happen. You guys...I adore you all as individuals and supporters. Please don't stop. Keep this going, stop self harm. An incredible amount of love sent your way .xx

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little Hands, Big Supporters

Good morning lovies,
     Just a quick little entry to encourage you to stay strong. These little hands hope to make a big difference with their enormous support. Always here for your emails-send in anything you feel needs to be said, etc...
   -And be the FIRST to send in a picture of words on your wrist. 
   -Check out Instagram and Twitter, and definitely continue to visit here!

**Instagram: words_over_blades
**Twitter: wordsoverblades
     Make today amazing, stay wonderful! much love .xx


Friday, August 2, 2013


Hello my loves,
     I have created an Instagram page to help support this campaign movement.  I have around 50 followers at the moment, which within a days time, is wonderful!  So thank you to all who are following and supporting such a page, and to those who aren't, check it out!
   -Instagram name: @words_over_blades

**The Instagram page is for followers to post and tag their wrists with the positive word and/or saying that when they look down makes them smile.  Once photographed, tag the page listed above, or #wordsoverblades.  I will be featuring/reposting daily.

     I have also created a personal email for Words Over Blades.  This email is for my followers, the public, or just about anybody in general.  This is for those people to send in their stories, have somebody to confide in, or just have somebody to listen.  You may send in anonymously, if you prefer or what not.  I will be sitting down every night, go through and read each email-then making sure to respond to each one.  I have already had 2 emails sent in, which I do appreciate, and I hope to gradually get more.


     Along with both the Instagram and email, I have also made a Twitter account. Again, I would very much appreciate to gradually grow on my follower numbers.  I just created it last night, so as of right now there is only 1 follower.  I will be announcing that on my Instagram page later today to hopefully build on that.

   -Twitter: @wordsoverblades

     Thank you again, to all of my supporters, hoping that this movement gets big enough to help end the use of blades on all perfect, lovely, wrists.  You are worth it.  much love .xx